Why TXLTC?  First, EXPERIENCE. we have over 25 years experience in the insurance industry.  Knowing the ins and outs, and to be able to answer your questions and take care of your problems is what service is all about.  We know the business, and take care of it for you.  Next, CARRIERS.  We represent over 30 of the largest and best insurance companies in the business.  It’s not just price that counts. It’s knowing which company presents the best value for your needs. You’re going to need a financially stable company that will be there for you, many years from now in the future.  Price and protection go hand in hand. Thirdly, PRODUCT. We don’t simply offer one service.  We offer an umbrella of services which are long term care, life, annuities, and life settlements.


          This way all of your retiree needs are taken care of under one roof with someone you know and trust, and who knows your needs.  And lastly, PERSONAL SERVICE.  We know you by name, not by number.  Our customers are family.  We know you personally, and give you personal service.  No endless e mails by faceless people.  We are Texans serving Texans face to face, or person to person on a phone.  Get straight talk, straight answers. Get the TXLTC standard.