People get declined for numerous reasons but the greatest one by far is miscommunication with your agent. You may think a certain ailment is "no big deal" but in conjunction with others can signal a big deal to an LTC underwriter. Please be thorough and honest with your agent. They can only help you, if you help them. Sleep apnea is a big deal. High blood pressure even controlled is a big deal. Certain supplements.

Another reason are unknown comments put into doctor's records that the patient is unaware about. Even the slightest comments or hints by a doctor of a "potential" bigger problem can and will trigger a declination by insurers. Please keep a good eye on your record and tell your doctor you want to see what's in it, and what he writes. Hints of "potential COPD" "potential or onset of neuropathy" linked with another ailment can trigger automatic declinations.

In short, prepare yourself and be totally candid with your agent. He's in your corner trying to get the best deal possible for you and your family.

#longtermcareinsurance #gettingdeclined

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