At LTC Partners of Texas we follow a strict code of conduct with ethics.

          We have a policy of full transparency which means we want to show you what each carrier can do for you. It’s not just enough knowing you got a good price, but that you have gotten great value in your policy. We are not here to simply sell product. To do that is a violation of our own code of ethics. We are here as consultants to guide you through the mountains of product and companies that are out there. By asking questions, by sending multiple quotations, by getting you the right product for you and your family.That is our way of doing business.


Rigorous honesty isn’t just being honest it’s backing it up.

          Calling you back when we say we will. Telling you a product isn’t suited for you even though you may think so, and it could be an easy sale. Thanking you for the opportunity at your business even though you bought from someone else. Knowing we helped to guide you to the right product is reward within itself. We turn down business that isn’t right for the client. We know and believe that this rigorous honesty will rise to the top, and the client will see the value in our consultation. We know he will send his friend, and family to us after getting honest service. We know he will be back for our other services later on because you are treated like family and not a dollar sign. We take continuing education ethics courses as it is a prerequisite for being a member of LTC Partners of Texas. We welcome you to see the LTC Partners difference in doing business.