Long Term Care Partners of Texas was created to provide Texans with an alternative approach to meeting the goals of their long term health care needs.


          Founder Jonathan Brett Thomas (License# 1487852) entered into the Long Term Care Insurance field in 1992 starting with the ltc division of General Electric now known as Genworth Financial. In these years I have seen great changes to the ltc business.


          The average age of an applicant has gone from 67 to 52. Underwriting has gotten much more stringent, and the percentage of people requiring ltc has increased. Meanwhile, the number of companies that used to number in the hundreds offering ltc, has dwindled to only 13 as of this writing in 2018.



          We are also well versed and carry an assortment of "hybrid" products.  These are Universal Life, LTC combination products that give both types of protection.  They are ideal for anyone who feels the need for permanent life insurance as well as LTC coverage.  Simply ask one of us to present them to you if you are interested.


          Our goal and job is to serve, and ensure the protection of your family’s assets and dignity.


          Both sets of my parents and stepparents have required extensive ltc. I’ve seen the devastation to all family members involved . Lost estates, resentment between family members, loss of dignity and medical choices, and a nightmare to what should be the golden years of one’s life. It is of my opinion that most people with assets to protect should be informed with the critical knowledge of what ltc insurance will provide them, and how potentially devastative it can be to not have it. It is the number 1 cause of the ruination of estates in America today.


          Our job is to sift through the myriad of facts, figures, and companies to give you the best policy that is tailored to your needs. We represent a number of carriers to ensure you get the combination of best price, and a company that will be there for you and your family many years from now when you may need this care. There is no one size fits all policy, and everyone’s needs differ.


          We look forward to serving you for many years to come, and are also available for seminars or speaking engagements.

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          Kotchaparn "Bell" Wongkor is co-owner. Bell is originally from Thailand, and a graduate of Khon Kaen University with a degree in International Business Management.  She is also a computer coding specialist with a degree from the University of Texas at Austin's Computer Coding College in 2018.  Bell is licensed in insurance in the states of Texas. License number (2074665) Louisiana (764798) and Florida License number ( W340383 ).  


to find out more about our licenses with 

Texas Department of Insurance

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